National Runner’s Up: The Levin Women’s Four of 1980

  In February 1980 a composite women’s four consisting of three members of our club, Francie Galloway (skip), Wynne Bullen and Rita Murphy along with Marie Krenek from Central Levin took part in the National championships held in the Wellington area that year. It was originally to be a Central Levin team but some of their members withdrew and the …

Ken HaywardNational Runner’s Up: The Levin Women’s Four of 1980

Annie’s Pies (South End of Town)

  What a lovely surprise when the Annie’s Bakery owner rocked up at the club and gave us their goodies at the end of the day.  I cannot remember ever tasted a nicer pie!!!

Shoota BallingerAnnie’s Pies (South End of Town)

Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist gives talk

Commonwealth Games Silver medalist visited our club today.  Barry Wynks from the Takaro club gave us an interesting talk on life in the games village and on the greens.  Mr Wynks said all the game medals were made by hand by only four people and are numbered.  He said he knows the ladies name that made his medal.   Our newest …

Shoota BallingerCommonwealth Games Silver Medalist gives talk

Bill Clelland’s disease is catching

  It’s disappointing to see  that Bill Clelland’s inability to park properly is catching!!!

Shoota BallingerBill Clelland’s disease is catching

Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist Barry Wynks

  Tomorrow at our Club day roll up Commonwealth Games silver medallist Barry Wynks from the Takaro club will be visiting our club. He will most probably have with him one of the other members of his medal winning triples team and they would like to take part  as visitors in our roll up. The plan is as follows: Barry …

Shoota BallingerCommonwealth Games Silver Medallist Barry Wynks

Supporters Gala

  The supporters gala was help at Levin Bowls on Wednesday with 90 players from the Kapiti region and two visiting players from Whangarei.  The event was a roaring success.  Thanks must go to Ralph Bello’s (Central Levin Bowling Club) who instigated this event.  The event was efficiently run by Rob Cotter assisted by Margaret Griffin (Levin Bowls).  Also thanks …

Shoota BallingerSupporters Gala

Today’s rollup

Today’s first roll up of the new season was exciting for the club. We had over 50 members and visitors, every rink on our live green was used, and two rinks had to be fours to fit everyone in. Also today we had Waiopehu College using our artificial green. The club had fantastic winter roll ups with 40 plus members …

Shoota BallingerToday’s rollup

BowlsNZ President visit

We were honoured to recently get a visit from BowlsNZ President Ann Muir. Ann is in Levin chaperoning a hockey team, she lives in Whangarei. Also from Whangarei we’ve had the pleasure of John Franklin for the past couple of weeks, him and his partner is house sitting in Levin. Club members have enjoyed his company. Alice Spicer, Ann Muir …

Shoota BallingerBowlsNZ President visit