Can’t start them too early

Brian Cooper gives his grand kids (Ava 4yrs, Cooper 6yrs, Sienna  8yrs) a taste of bowls.

Shoota BallingerCan’t start them too early


  SPCA Quiz Results 9 Hazel Jimmy 8 Glenda Kevin 7 Dianna Larry 7 Alice Rex 7 June Ron 7 Creaven Jeanette 7 Peter Jenny 7 Jim Pam 6 Noeline Michael 6 Omeka Lana 6 Susan Ian 6 Trevor Brenda 5 Ralda Shoota 5 Jo Dawn 5 Arne Hildi 5 Les Mary 5 Lorraine Mike 5 Neville Bella 5 Keith …

Shoota BallingerSPCA Quiz

Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist gives talk

Commonwealth Games Silver medalist visited our club today.  Barry Wynks from the Takaro club gave us an interesting talk on life in the games village and on the greens.  Mr Wynks said all the game medals were made by hand by only four people and are numbered.  He said he knows the ladies name that made his medal.   Our newest …

Shoota BallingerCommonwealth Games Silver Medalist gives talk

Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist Barry Wynks

  Tomorrow at our Club day roll up Commonwealth Games silver medallist Barry Wynks from the Takaro club will be visiting our club. He will most probably have with him one of the other members of his medal winning triples team and they would like to take part  as visitors in our roll up. The plan is as follows: Barry …

Shoota BallingerCommonwealth Games Silver Medallist Barry Wynks