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The Women’s and Men’s honours boards are up to date.  Currently I have to manually do these but maybe one day the code will be written so the page becomes dynamic (ie they update themselves).  I haven’t yet created the Mixed honours board but will do soon.  You will find them under “Draws & Results” / “Honours Boards”.

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Join Levin Bowling Club

Come join Levin Bowling Club. Levin Bowling Club is growing at a fast rate, we seem to be the popular club to join now with 7 new members last month said president Trevor Turnbull. Our club has grown from 80 members only a few years ago to just under 120, the biggest club in the northern end of the Kapiti Coast …

Shoota BallingerJoin Levin Bowling Club

Youth Bowls

Our club has had considerable success in promoting Youth Bowls within the local community dating back to small beginnings in the late 1980’s. With the establishment of the Youth Bowls Academy in 1999 more regular links with the two local colleges were established. Enthusiastic Physical Education staff, especially Sheona Hogg and Brian Paquin from Horowhenua College and Jim Buchanan from …

Ken HaywardYouth Bowls

Ian Wenham – Club historian

For many years Club Patron and Life Member Ian Wenham has been the recorder of the Club’s history and kept a photographic record of our events. Ian joined the club as a player in 1980 though through his father H. E. Wenham (who was club Patron from 1975-83) he had already had a long association with the club. He served …

Ken HaywardIan Wenham – Club historian

Ray Mitchell – top bowler of the past

Ray Mitchell One of the most prolific winners of titles in our club’s history was R.E. (Ray) Mitchell. Between 1964-65 and 1986-87 he won our Club’s  men’s singles titles on 14 occasions. He took the title seven times in succession from 1976-77 to 1982-83 and was three times Manawatu Centre Champion-of-Champions at singles. Ray won the triples 3 times and …

Ken HaywardRay Mitchell – top bowler of the past

New Zealand Representatives from Levin Bowls

  As a club Levin has not had an active playing member selected to represent New Zealand in its first century of existence. However, two players who were members of our club have played for New Zealand. In 1927 was invited to send a team of bowlers to visit England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Britain Canada (British Columbia) and the …

Ken HaywardNew Zealand Representatives from Levin Bowls

National Runner’s Up: The Levin Women’s Four of 1980

  In February 1980 a composite women’s four consisting of three members of our club, Francie Galloway (skip), Wynne Bullen and Rita Murphy along with Marie Krenek from Central Levin took part in the National championships held in the Wellington area that year. It was originally to be a Central Levin team but some of their members withdrew and the …

Ken HaywardNational Runner’s Up: The Levin Women’s Four of 1980