The clubs executive is made up of 9 persons:
President, Vise President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, 3 x Elected Managing Committee and Chairman of the Match Committee.
The Selectors, Green Superintendent and Delegate to BKC are appointed at the first meeting of the Executive after the AGM.

Please Note:
Members nominated for President and Vice President must have served on the Executive for a minimum of one year and be a full or limited member of the club.
The nominations for official positions whether elected or appointed is NOT gender specific.

Notice of Motions:

# 1     Motion 1 for the Levin Bowling Club Inc AGM 2017

# 2    Notice 2 of Motion for AGM 2017


Position # Required Nomination Name Proposer Seconder
President 1 Dianne Short Hazel Rose Lana Mahupuku
Vise President 1 Hazel Rose Brian Cooper Grahame Williams
    Grahame Law  Ken Hayward Arne Jansson
Treasure 1 Bronwyn McMahon Shoota Ballinger Brian Cooper
Secretary 1 Dave Grigg Brian Cooper Shoota Ballinger
Club Captain 1 Bill Clelland Trevor Turnbull Jim Bagnall
    Diana McGill Robert Falconer Rob Cotter
Management Committee 3 Ken Hayward Grahame Law Les Galloway
    Les Galloway Ken Hayward Grahame Law
    Grahame Law Ken Hayward Bronwyn McMahon
    Hildi Ewart Alice Spicer Ralda Adams
    Brian Cooper Dave Grigg Shoota Ballinger
Match Committee 8 Shoota Ballinger Brian Cooper Grahame Williams
    Brian Cooper Shoota Ballinger Dianne Short
    Dave Grigg Shoota Ballinger Grahame Williams
    Jessie Johnson Lodzia Wnek Linda Moe
    Lodzia Wnek Linda Moe Bronwyn McMahon
    Hazel Rose Dave Grigg  Grahame Williams
    Graeme Mathie Bronwyn McMahon Arnie Jannson
Selector – Women   Barbara Selley Lana Mahupuku Lodzia Wnek
    Alice Spicer Lana Mahupuku Lodzia Wnek
Selector – Men     Bill Clelland Trevor Turnbull Greg Hutchings
    Martin Howse John Adams Shoota Ballinger
    Grahame Law Julie Stichbury Rob Cotter
    Julie Stichbury Grahame Law Rob Cotter
Financial Reviewer  1 Lana Mahupuku Shoota Ballinger Hazel Rose
Shoota BallingerAGM