Levin Bowls Inc
Founded 1907
59-61 Weraroa Road, Levin
Phone  (06) 368 317

The Levin Bowling Club is a strong and progressive community sporting club, the largest of four bowling clubs operating within the town of Levin, a community of 19,700 residents. The club was formed in 1907 and has continued to operate on the same Weraroa Road site since 1909. Until 1987 the club was affiliated to the Manawatu Centre but since then has been part of the Kapiti Coast Centre.

Levin is one of the two clubs in the Centre that has an increasing membership. At the beginning of the 2014-15 summer season the total membership is 149 of whom 103 are playing members, a significant increase on the 80 playing members of five years ago. Some of the main reasons for this growth are the club’s location near the centre of the town, our high quality cotula green, the near new Dales Pro-Green Plus carpet green which enables the club to offer an attractive year-round programme, our strong links to the local business community and the town’s two secondary schools, and active promotion of the club’s profile in the town.

The club offers a very extensive playing programme unmatched in quantity and variety by any other club in the Centre. For the 2014-15 year a total of 220 playing days are scheduled at the club, 147 during the summer season and 83 in the winter. In addition during the summer for the past 22 years the club has run a ten evening Business House Bowls competition which caters for over 100 casual players under the Mates-in-Bowls banner. The club also provides tuition for students from Horowhenua and Waiopehu colleges who use our facilities as part of their physical education and recreation programmes, many gaining NCEA credits from the programme. Recently members have also begun working with students from Levin Intermediate School. Students from the club’s Youth Academy have previously won national titles at secondary school level. Members also enjoy indoor social activities such as cards, mah jong and housie.

Over the past three years the club has, with the generous assistance of a number of Community and Gaming Trusts, replaced the surface of our artificial green with our high-tech Dales Pro-Green Plus surface at a cost of over $ 200,000 and almost completely renovated our clubrooms. Over the next year this project will be completed with the renovation of our men’s locker rooms and the addition of  a disabled toilet facility.

Our club has fully embraced Bowls New Zealand’s Strategic Vision for the future of our sport and become a Partner Club. In March 2014 our club’s achievements were recognized with the award of a Bowls New Zealand ClubCheck Gold award.

Levin Bowling Club is:

  • Affiliated to Bowls New Zealand and Bowls Kapiti Coast
  • A Bowls New Zealand Partner Club
  • A registered Charitable Organization
  • A member of the Chartered Clubs of New Zealand
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